‘Top Fashions’ display two Geely Emgrand 7 sedans in Al Khoudh

14thNovember 2019: Muscat, Oman: Growing in popularity, more and more customers are going in for the trusted Geely automotive brand. Recently, Top Fashions L.L.C., a leading textile retailer with outlets across the Sultanate, has displayed two Geely Emgrand 7 sedans outside their showrooms, Vogue Fashions and Fashion Point in Al Khoudh.

The Geely sedans are on display for a period of five months starting from August until the first week of January. The raffle draw is expected to take place in the second or third week of January 2020.

The happy customer, Sagar Dowlani, owner of Top Fashions L.L.C., says,“We believe in the latest styles which is reflected in Geely, both in the exterior looks and interior comfort. The wonderful response we received for a similar offer in 2017 when we displayed and gave away a Geely Emgrand 7 in a raffle draw, has encouraged us to go in for two of the same sedans, this time around.”

Towell Auto Centre (TAC), the sole distributor of Geely vehicles in the Sultanate of Oman, has built the trust of customers, over the decades. The highly affordable Geely brand has become synonymous with innovative automobile technology, aerodynamic styling and safety.

A spokesperson of Towell Auto Centre (TAC) said, “Just like Sagar Dowlani, there are over 7000 proud owners of Geely vehicles, plying on the roads of Oman. What makes Geely a popular choice is the complete package offered to customers. With ex-Volvo design chief Peter Horbury coming onboard, Geely is being appreciated for its aerodynamic styling and C-NCAP five-star safety standard. Moreover, Geely comes with AAA 24 hours roadside assistance, prompt after-sales service, 97% parts availability and more. With Geely’s investments in Volvo, Terrafugia flying cars, Lotus racing cars, London Taxi Company and Proton, Geely owners are happy that they have the best technology and innovations offered to them.”

Customers can visit any of the 8 Towell Auto Centre (TAC) showrooms in Oman and explore more with the new world of Geely.

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