May the Power of the Emgrand X7 Sport Be With You

Rarely do you see high end technology cocooned in an elegant body. However the AWD Emgrand X7 sport was crafted to do exactly that, made for a youthful audience that craves technology, connectivity and beautiful design all at the same time, the Emgrand X7 Sport has a certain power to it. Here are a few things that you might not know about the X7 sport.

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Drawn from the essence of the leopard


The Geely Emgrand X7 Sport design depicts a bold fully mature leopard. With a 2.4 litre engine, it’s small so that it doesn’t turn it a petrol guzzling monster but large enough that it produces 150hp.

A bodyguard of its own


The Emgrand X7 Sport shows promise not only in its shape, but also in the quality of its craftsmanship. The vigorous Water Ripple Grille design wraps the SUV from the front as a shield and shelters lightning shaped tire rims.
With a body designed to be tough, the X7 sport is staunch enough to protect itself from external threats- regardless of their shape or form.

As sharp as an eagle


The Emgrand X7 Sport can be spotted from miles away. The outstanding eagle-eye headlights design makes it stand out amongst hoards of everyday cars, while edged LED headlights outrightly announce the majesty of the upcoming vehicle in the night.

An interior that puts the driver in control


With a flat-bottom steering wheel wrapped in classic Nappa leather and an adjacent fully customizable 7-inch LCD dominating its infotainment board, any X7 sport driver shall feel completely in control. While to the driver’s lower right lies an automatic gear shifter empowering him to stay focused on the path ahead.

An AWD with an all-around view


The SUV comes with a panoramic moon roof. Its luxurious well lit cabin gives passengers the opportunity to bask in comfort while the moonroof provides interaction with the raw world without disturbing the feel of luxury.
Meanwhile in the background pitch perfect tones are emitted through speakers fancily etched with Chinese art.

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