Geely launches its first pure electric brand Geometry globally

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17 April 2019: Muscat, Oman: Placing importance on the development of new energy in this new era, Geely Auto Group launched its first pure electric brand Geometry and its first model Geometry A in Singapore, recently. It is part of Geely’s strategic goal of becoming one of world’s top 10 automotive groups, having already acquired US-based Terrafugia flying car company and Volvo.

 Geometry gets it namesake from mathematical geometry which emerged thousands of years ago. The Geometry brand is Geely’s vision of the future in which technology is used to create a sustainable environment and safe mobility, leading to a harmonious relationship between humanity and nature.

Speaking at the launch event, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group President and Geely Auto Group President and CEO An Conghui said, “Geely is a strong force and active participant in the field of new energy. We are guided by technological innovation and are determined to become a global leader in new energy. Geometry is our answer to the future of the industry, a representation of our ideals, and a firm step into a “beautiful new world.”

Geometry will open a new era of dialogue with consumers. By 2025, Geometry will launch 10 pure electric models in multiple segments including sedans, SUVs, crossovers, and MPVs.

Letters in mathematical geometry express infinite possibilities and similarly Geometry models will have infinite potential with the use of letters as names. As a globally strategic pure electric model, Geometry A redefines the standard for pure electric sedans with its class-leading safety, attractive design, technological strength, and high-capacity battery to become the top choice for pure electric vehicle users.

Economical Long Range Pure Electric Mobility

The high-end model comes in two versions, standard range and long range, in a total of six different configurations which use CATL ternary lithium batteries that respectively have a capacity of 51.9kWh and 61.9kWh. The standard range version achieves a combined urban and highway NEDC range of 410km, while the long range version achieves a combined urban and highway NEDC range of 500km. Geometry A consumes an average of just13.5 kWh per 100km travelled, thereby saving on the cost of electricity and making electric cars a cost-effective mode of transport.

Moreover, in order to ensure the efficient operation of the permanent synchronous magnet motor, Geometry A uses Geely New Energy “Intelligent Power” technologies which includes an intelligent high-efficiency electronic control system and electric drive system, lightweight high energy intelligent battery system, and Intelligent Battery Temperature Control System. The powertrain system provides a maximum power of 120kW and maximum torque of 250 Nm allowing Geometry A to reach a speed of 100km/h in 8.8 seconds.

Pure Electric Safety

Geometry A comes equipped with a unique MOD front and rear moving object detection system, intelligent driver seat pre-tensioning seat belt, and other active and passive safety features.

Moreover, it is equipped with Bosch 9.3 ESP system,Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection, Intelligent High-Beam Control System, Collision Warning System, and a braking distance of only 37.1m from a speed of 100km/h. At the same time, Geometry A uses aluminium alloy and composite materials to create a five-star safety standard body.

Geometry A takes a humanized approach to safety with features that protect privacy, property, and children. For example, Geometry A’s glove box can be locked with a password, protecting the owners privacy; An intelligent child lock feature can be used to control the child lock with just one button or even remotely via mobile phone. Geometry A owners can even limit the speed of the vehicle preventing friends and family who borrow the vehicle from violating speed limits.

Luxury Level L2+ Intelligent Drive

Geometry A is the first pure electric vehicle in China to achieve L2+ intelligent drive. L2+ intelligent drive capabilities are generally only found on luxury class models. To achieve this, Geometry A takes full advantage of multiple cameras and millimeter wave radars.

Using data from the high-resolution cameras and precise radars, Geometry A offers Automatic Emergency Brake with Pedestrian Recognition and full-speed intelligent adaptive cruise control at speeds up to 150km/h. Rear and side radars allow Geometry A to offer Front/Rear Collision Warning, Door Open Warning, Lane Keep Assist, Blind Spot Detection,Lane Change Assist, and Adaptive Cruise Stop and Go. The comprehensive camera and radar configuration allows Geometry to see and track objects all around the vehicle.

For added convenience, Geometry A also comes with one-button intelligent automatic parking system, 360° Panoramic Reversing Video, an intelligent in-vehicle system and voice assistant, and HD driving recorder making Geometry A more like a smart travel companion than just regular car.

Geometry A is the cumulation of Geely’s latest technologies and manufacturing prowess in the field of new energy. It’s the safest, best-looking, and most avant-garde pure electric model in its market segment and setting a new benchmark for A-segment pure electric sedans.

The Geely range is brought to Oman by Towell Auto Centre (TAC), a trusted and leading name in automobiles, having a network of 9  showrooms, 12 service outlets and 10 parts outlets spread across the country.

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